DatumStadt/ShowLandDisziplinWett. Nr.Hin. HöheRangErgebnisPreis
21.06.2024RotterdamNED jumping/160/Longines League of Nations™ Rotterdam Team Competition S6160903.750 €
20.06.2024RotterdamNED jumping/145/Two Phases Dura Vermeer prijs S1145999RET0 €
31.05.2024St TropezFRA jumping/160/Table A (2nd GCL Competition – Team 2nd Round - GP Qualifier) 04160244/67.070 €
30.05.2024St TropezFRA jumping/145/Table A 021454317/87.330 €
19.05.2024MadridESP jumping/160/LONGINES GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TOUR GRAND PRIX of MADRID 1516010/0/45.85101.838 €
17.05.2024MadridESP jumping/160/Table A 2nd GCL Competition 05160204/80.980 €
02.05.2024RiesenbeckGER jumping/140/Two Phases Medium-Tour FINAL 0914090/0/47.94150 €
30.04.2024RiesenbeckGER jumping/135/Table A Medium Tour 07135350/75.660 €
30.03.2024Wellington, FL (Equestrian Center)USA jumping/160/Grand Prix Table A 51416010/0/35.82152.622 €
29.03.2024Wellington, FL (Equestrian Center)USA jumping/150/Table A 512150427/83.210 €
23.03.2024Ocala, FL (WEC)USA jumping/160/Longines League of Nations Team Competition 0616054/410.500 €
21.03.2024Ocala, FL (WEC)USA jumping/160/Grand Prix Table A 04160299/80.470 €
20.03.2024Ocala, FL (WEC)USA jumping/140/Two Phases 01140440/RET0 €
02.03.2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/160/Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Doha 0616060/4/39.1116.875 €
01.03.2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/160/Table A 2th GCL competition 0416050/63.627.385 €
29.02.2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/145/Two Phases 01145150/RET0 €
24.02.2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/160/Grand Prix Two Rounds S56160110/8/47.406.150 €
23.02.2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/145/Table C S531452086.580 €
22.02.2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/145/Two Phases Special S51145140/39.040 €
10.02.2024RiesenbeckGER jumping/135/Two Phases Small-Tour FINAL 06135250/0/38.690 €